Cat Facial Swelling—Is a Visit to a Vet Necessary?

As a human being, it is easy for you to gauge when you should go to the doctor. After all, no one knows your body better than you. When it comes to your cat, however, it is not always easy to determine the severity of your pet's illness. A cat with facial swelling could be something minor or it could be something serious. The best way to tell is to take your cat to a local veterinarian or cat dentist immediately.

Rather than allowing the worst of thoughts run through your mind as you rush your furry feline to a professional, keep in mind that there are various reasons for facial swelling.

Facial Swelling and Gingivitis

Believe it or not, animals are just as susceptible to gingivitis as human beings. Cats should receive regular oral care and cleanings from a professional, just as you should. Without proper oral care, your cat can suffer from a range of dental problems, including gingivitis.

If gingivitis goes untreated, it can eventually lead to swelling and redness of the gums. The swelling of your cat's gums can become noticeable in the appearance of the cat's face. You may notice that your cat's face appears puffy on one side depending on the severity of the swelling.

Facial Swelling and Cancer

Your veterinarian will use a range of diagnostic tools to rule out causes, which include gingivitis before determining if your cat's facial swelling is caused by cancer. Oral neoplasia is responsible for 3 and 12% of neoplasms experienced by cats. Oral neoplasms are often found in the mandible, maxilla, or even the tongue. Tumors can form, which can lead to facial swelling. If your cat has an oral tumor, your veterinarian will determine if the tumor is malignant or benign.

Keep in mind that not all malignant tumors are a death sentence for your furry pal, so do not give up hope or assume the worst. Squamous cell carcinoma found in the oral cavity of your cat does not often spread to other parts of your cat's body. However, early treatment is necessary and could relieve your pet's pain. If your cat does not receive early treatment for localized cancer, it can lead to discomfort and death. Make sure you take your cat for routine dental visits and address any facial swelling as soon as possible to ensure proper treatment for the best outcome possible.

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