3 Reasons To Declaw Your Cat

Your cat has claws for a reason, to defend himself when out in the wild, but if he isn't in the wild, you may want to consider having his claws removed with a procedure done through the veterinarian called declawing. It's done in office, and your cat is put under for the procedure. Your cat's claws are surgically removed by the veterinarian and your cat's claws are wrapped up for a few days or longer in order to allow the area to heal and to prevent your cat from licking the area. If you aren't sure if you should have your cat declawed, read on for a few reasons why you should.

1. To Prevent Injury To Yourself And Others

Cats can be lovable, or they can be downright ornery. If your cat is the latter, he could pounce when you are most vulnerable, leaving you with scratches and most likely scars. This can happen to you, to someone in your family, a guest in your home, or even to another pet. If your cat still has his claws, he could be a danger even to himself. Have your cat's claws removed instead to prevent injury.

2. To Save Your Furniture

Your furniture could also be at risk if your cat still has his claws. He may want to go to your new couch in your living room and use it to sharpen his claws. You'll end up with rags instead of a couch. Imagine the cost of having to replace your furniture if your cat is constantly using your furniture as a scratch pad or a claw sharpener. Even if you give your cat the Taj Mahal of cat towers, your cat is still more than likely going to use your couch as his very own scratch pad.

3. To Build A Better Relationship

You will be able to build a better relationship with your cat if he has been declawed. It's hard to cuddle your cat when his claws cling to your clothing or to your skin. It may make you more stand-offish with your cat than if he didn't have his claws. Having your cat's claws removed can help you build a better bond with your cat.

If you have a cat, you may want to consider having his claws removed. There are a number of benefits. Although a cat's claws are the best way to defend himself in the wild, if he's in your home always, he don't need to defend himself. Make an appointment with the veterinarian to discuss declawing your cat. Try visiting websites like Animal House Veterinary Hospital for more information and to see if your cat is a candidate.

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