What To Do If Your Dog Is Not Acting Like Themself

If your dog isn't acting like itself, it can be concerning. Everyone has bad or off days, but if your dog is not itself, and it goes on for a few days, it's something you should bring up to your veterinarian. Your dog may be feeling ill, have gotten into something they shouldn't have, or have some other issue going on. If your dog is not acting like itself, your first step should be to call your veterinarian and write down everything you have noticed about your dog. Read on for some other things you can do if your dog just seems off.

Make Note Of Any Changes

Make a note of any changes your dog has had lately, such as a change in routine, a change in where you live, a change in food or treats, or any other changes. Your dog could be feeling stressed, and it's affecting how they act, or they could be having an allergic reaction to something new you are giving to them, such as food or treats. They could have gotten into something around your home as well, so you should look around your home to see if anything looks like your dog may have eaten something. Pay attention to any vomit and what comes up and also their stools as well to help give you any clues about what they may have eaten that they shouldn't have.

Make Note Of Any Other Symptoms

Keep an eye on your dog to see if you notice any other symptoms, such as your lethargy, limping, loose stools, coughing or sneezing, a warm nose and warm ears, drooling or discharge in their eyes, or a lot of brown or black discharge in their ears. Write down any other symptoms your dog has to better help your veterinarian diagnose your dog's issue. 

If you notice your dog is not acting like itself, you need to keep a close eye on them to see if anything changes or any other symptoms they may be having. If your dog feels better after a few days, it could have been a fluke, or if your dog worsens, you need to be sure you take them to the veterinarian to get a thorough exam. Make notes of everything for your veterinarian to help get a proper diagnosis.

Make an appointment with a veterinarian clinic to get your dog the help they need.

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