Tips For Pet Sitting A Friend's Dog

A good friend has asked you to care for their dog when they are away, and you cannot wait to welcome a new furry friend into your home. Whether you have pets of your own or are not accustomed to caring for dogs, it is critical to prepare your space for a dog that might be nervous or uneasy to leave their family. Here are a few simple tips to help you expertly pet sit your friend's dog.

Put Away Anything That Can Hurt Your Friend's Dog

If you do not have any pets of your own, it is critical to make your home as pet friendly as possible. This means relocating any houseplants that can make the dog sick, such as sago palm or aloe vera plants, and putting up any foods that can make the dog sick.

There are several foods that if ingested can make a dog very ill, including chocolate, grapes, and alcohol. Consider installing pet gates on any rooms you do not wish the visiting dog to enter, such as your home office or your bedroom.

Prepare a Space for The Visiting Dog

It is not uncommon for a visiting dog to be nervous about leaving their owner and their home, even if they have spent a lot of time with you in your home. Here are a few simple ways you can make a visiting dog feel at home in your home:

  • Consider a crate. If the visiting dog sleeps in a crate or spends any time in a crate, consider bringing the crate to your home. This will provide a safe space for the dog to sleep and relax.
  • Bring along items from the dog's home. Bring a favorite ball or toy from the dog's home. Do not allow any of your pets to play with these special toys to avoid agitating your visitor.
  • Give the dog plenty of space. Allow the visiting dog to visit their special area whenever they want.

Consider gating off an entire room for the visiting dog to keep them comfortable.

Introduce Yourself and Your Pets to the Visiting Dog

Before the dog enters your home, meet with the dog you are pet sitting a few times before the drop off. Introducing your pets to the visiting dogs, as well. This will help ensure that the dog you are sitting is more comfortable with you and your pets, which will help prevent anxiety.

Pet sitting your friend's dog is a big responsibility. However, with a little preparation, you can ensure that the visit is successful. A hospital like Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital has more information.

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