New Kitten? When to Visit the Veterinarian and Other Essential Cat Care Questions

If you have recently adopted a kitten, you may have questions about how to best care for your young cat. From the first veterinarian visit to feeding your pet and keeping them healthy at home, take a look at the top kitten questions answered.

When Should You Schedule a Vet Visit?

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) recommends that new kitten owners schedule a vet visit within the first week of adoption. This visit should include an exam and vaccinations (if needed). A first vet visit creates a baseline for your pet. This can help the vet to monitor your cat's development as they age and grow.

If your kitten was recently spayed or neutered, the vet can make sure your pet is on the road to recovery and healing properly. They can also answer any questions you may have about caring for your kitten, suggest a routine checkup schedule, and discuss tests (such as feline leukemia) that your cat may need.

What Should Feed Your New Kitten?

Your veterinarian can help you to choose the best food for your newly adopted pet. If your pet's first vet visit won't happen until after your kitten comes home, call the office for recommendations. According to the AAHA, 10-week-old kittens need 200 kilocalories per kilogram (of body weight) daily. The vet can help you to understand what this means for your kitten and how much food to give them. If you can't consult a veterinarian before your kitten needs to be fed, choose a food formulated specifically for kittens from your local pet supply store, and remember to ask your vet about it when you can. 

What Do You Need To Care for Your Kitten At Home?

You will need to create a safe, comfortable, healthy at-home environment for your new kitten. A litter box, cat litter, food and water bowls, and food are the obvious basics your kitten will need from the start. Before you add these new pet items to your home, think about how your kitten will use each one.

You will need to take your cat's size into consideration. A deep litter box is a challenge for a small kitten to get in and out of easily. Instead of a full-sized pan, consider a shallower box until your kitten grows into a cat. Size also matters when you choose food and water dishes. Again, a tall bowl is difficult for a small kitten to use. Choose kitten-sized bowls to start with. You can switch them out later when your pet grows into a young adult cat. 

Place the litter box and food/water bowls in easy-to-access spaces. Steep steps, doors, and gates can make it difficult or hazardous for your kitten to use their litter box or eat/drink. Also make sure that they are in places where you can easily clean up any potential messes. In contrast, make sure you store the cat food so your kitten can't get into it. Keeping it in a container that your kitten can't open works best. 

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