Want A Guard Dog? Choose A Cane Corso

If you want a dog that will protect you and your family, there are many breeds to choose from. One of these breeds is the cane corso. This breed is considered to be a large dog. This alone can be intimidating to someone that comes to your home and sees this dog at the door. Keep reading to learn much more about this breed.  

Their Temperament

A cane corso is extremely loyal to their family, which is one of the reasons why they are great guard dogs. If they are outside with your children, they would not allow anyone to walk into your yard that they do not know. This can be a bad thing, so it's important that your dog is properly socialized. If not, they may show some aggression when someone new comes to your home or if another animal walks onto your property. 

With their family, however, the cane corso is loving and affectionate. They love to play with children even though older children are best. The dog is very large so its size may hurt smaller children. 

Training Needs

Training is very important for this breed because they are overly protective. The cane corso may bark a lot if they hear noises they are not used to or see someone outside a window. If so, the trainer can help you with this problem. 

Going to training classes also helps your dog with socialization which is also very important. You need to get your dog used to being around other people and animals. They will still be loyal to you but may be a little more accepting of other people. The trainer may suggest one-on-one training in the beginning then move your dog to a class. 

Exercise Needs

It is important that your cane corso gets enough exercise. They are known as working dogs and are not meant to sit around the home all the time. If you are not an active family, you should not purchase this breed. If your family is active, however, the cane corso will fit right in with you. 

Take your dog for long walks once or twice a day. If you like to jog, they will jog right along with you. Take your dog to a dog park but only once they have been trained and socialized. This is important because you do not want the dog to get aggressive with people and animals there. Play with your dog in a fenced-in yard by playing catch with balls or a frisbee. 

As you can see, a cane corso can be a great dog for families and can help you feel much safer inside your home. Contact a local breeder or shelter to learn more about cane corso puppies.

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If you want a dog that will protect you and your family, there are many breeds to choose from. One of these breeds is the cane corso. This breed is co